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Here we are! We have been working away on our new branding (launching soon!) as The Sanadas. Since we are a husband and wife wedding photography team we wanted to make our brand reflect that a bit better. You may have also noticed our main website had a little facelift in the meantime. We are hoping you are enjoying the changes we have made so far.

We also still have some dates open for 2018 so be sure to contact us soon if you are looking for a photography team for your day in 2018.  2019 dates are now open (can you believe it!?) for you lovely couples wanting to get your wedding photography booked early too.

On to the engagement photos! We are so excited for our 2018 weddings because we have a ton of awesome and amazing couples like Katrina + Jake. Yeah they are super adorable, but they are also so fun to work with. They are sweet and super laid back. For their engagement session we chose a location where they had one of their first dates (how perfect is that?). Vasquez Rocks in Santa Clarita. We had a blast exploring this spot with these three (can’t forget their super awesome dog Ginger!) and are loving the images from their engagement session.


santaclarita-engagement-001 santaclarita-engagement-002 santaclarita-engagement-003 santaclarita-engagement-004 santaclarita-engagement-005 santaclarita-engagement-006 santaclarita-engagement-007 santaclarita-engagement-008 santaclarita-engagement-009 santaclarita-engagement-010 santaclarita-engagement-011 santaclarita-engagement-012 santaclarita-engagement-013 santaclarita-engagement-014 santaclarita-engagement-015 santaclarita-engagement-016 santaclarita-engagement-017 santaclarita-engagement-018 santaclarita-engagement-019 santaclarita-engagement-020 santaclarita-engagement-021 santaclarita-engagement-022 santaclarita-engagement-023 santaclarita-engagement-024 santaclarita-engagement-025 santaclarita-engagement-026 santaclarita-engagement-027 santaclarita-engagement-028 santaclarita-engagement-029 santaclarita-engagement-030 santaclarita-engagement-031 santaclarita-engagement-032 santaclarita-engagement-033

It was so much fun meeting Jill + Scott in person for their engagement session! They are such a genuine couple and the type of people who are just easy to hang out with. We had a ton of fun splashing around (ok, well…Joe took the brunt of the splashing and we are kicking ourselves for not taking a photo of him haha) and enjoying the surprisingly warm water on the beaches of Malibu. We can’t wait to see them at the end of this month for their wedding day!

Enjoy a peek at photos from their engagement session!

Beach-Engaged-001 Beach-Engaged-002 Beach-Engaged-003 Beach-Engaged-004 Beach-Engaged-005 Beach-Engaged-006 Beach-Engaged-007 Beach-Engaged-008 Beach-Engaged-009 Beach-Engaged-010 Beach-Engaged-011 Beach-Engaged-012 Beach-Engaged-013 Beach-Engaged-014 Beach-Engaged-015 Beach-Engaged-016

  • December 13, 2017 - 7:31 am

    Marie - Absolutely beautiful images! the sunset is just breathtaking!ReplyCancel

  • December 21, 2017 - 6:12 pm

    Anna - Such a beautiful way to capture the emotion of the couple.ReplyCancel

Lauren and Ian’s Gerry Ranch wedding was perfection. You know how we are pretty much obsessed with dogs? They had an adorable one named Mei Mei. You know how we love lace dresses? Check out Lauren’s dress! It was so elegant and classy that we immediately smelled rich mahogany and felt compelled to read leather bound books when we saw it. Don’t even get us started on Lauren’s hair! But, by far the best part of the wedding was that Lauren and Ian are such a sweet and loving couple. We couldn’t help but have a great time photographing them!


GerryRanch-Wedding-001 GerryRanch-Wedding-002 GerryRanch-Wedding-003 GerryRanch-Wedding-004 GerryRanch-Wedding-005 GerryRanch-Wedding-006 GerryRanch-Wedding-007 GerryRanch-Wedding-008 GerryRanch-Wedding-009 GerryRanch-Wedding-010 GerryRanch-Wedding-011 GerryRanch-Wedding-012 GerryRanch-Wedding-013 GerryRanch-Wedding-014 GerryRanch-Wedding-015 GerryRanch-Wedding-016 GerryRanch-Wedding-017 GerryRanch-Wedding-018 GerryRanch-Wedding-019 GerryRanch-Wedding-020 GerryRanch-Wedding-021 GerryRanch-Wedding-022 GerryRanch-Wedding-023 GerryRanch-Wedding-024 GerryRanch-Wedding-025 GerryRanch-Wedding-026 GerryRanch-Wedding-027 GerryRanch-Wedding-028 GerryRanch-Wedding-029 GerryRanch-Wedding-030 GerryRanch-Wedding-031 GerryRanch-Wedding-032 GerryRanch-Wedding-033 GerryRanch-Wedding-034 GerryRanch-Wedding-035 GerryRanch-Wedding-036 GerryRanch-Wedding-037 GerryRanch-Wedding-038 GerryRanch-Wedding-039 GerryRanch-Wedding-040 GerryRanch-Wedding-041 GerryRanch-Wedding-042 GerryRanch-Wedding-043 GerryRanch-Wedding-044 GerryRanch-Wedding-045 GerryRanch-Wedding-046 GerryRanch-Wedding-047 GerryRanch-Wedding-048 GerryRanch-Wedding-049 GerryRanch-Wedding-050 GerryRanch-Wedding-051 GerryRanch-Wedding-052 GerryRanch-Wedding-053 GerryRanch-Wedding-054 GerryRanch-Wedding-055 GerryRanch-Wedding-056 GerryRanch-Wedding-057 GerryRanch-Wedding-058 GerryRanch-Wedding-059 GerryRanch-Wedding-060 GerryRanch-Wedding-061 GerryRanch-Wedding-062 GerryRanch-Wedding-063 GerryRanch-Wedding-064 GerryRanch-Wedding-065 GerryRanch-Wedding-066 GerryRanch-Wedding-067 GerryRanch-Wedding-068 GerryRanch-Wedding-069 GerryRanch-Wedding-070 GerryRanch-Wedding-071 GerryRanch-Wedding-072 GerryRanch-Wedding-073 GerryRanch-Wedding-074 GerryRanch-Wedding-075 GerryRanch-Wedding-076 GerryRanch-Wedding-077 GerryRanch-Wedding-078 GerryRanch-Wedding-079

  • September 26, 2017 - 11:34 pm

    Mike Arick - Love all the emotion captured in this!!ReplyCancel

  • September 27, 2017 - 10:20 am

    Virginia Vo - Beautiful capture! Love!ReplyCancel

Warning: there are LOTS of photos ahead. How are we supposed to narrow down such a gorgeous wedding with a gorgeous couple and gorgeous details (I mean, check out their malibu engagement session if you haven’t already)? It just isn’t fair.

We absolutely loved working with Jooyoung + Frank. Not only are they so sweet, they are good friends with another amazing couple we photographed a few years back and totally love as well. It’s always fun for us to get to see past couples at weddings (and recognize other friends/family and bridal party members too!).

We are thrilled we were able to head out to Del Mar and photograph their wedding at the gorgeous Inn at Rancho Santa Fe and work with some of the most talented vendors ever.

Lots of laughs, kisses, and happy tears ahead…check it out.

innatranchosantafe-001 innatranchosantafe-002 innatranchosantafe-003 innatranchosantafe-004 innatranchosantafe-005 innatranchosantafe-006 innatranchosantafe-007 innatranchosantafe-008 innatranchosantafe-009 innatranchosantafe-010 innatranchosantafe-011 innatranchosantafe-012 innatranchosantafe-013 innatranchosantafe-014 innatranchosantafe-015 innatranchosantafe-016 innatranchosantafe-017 innatranchosantafe-018 innatranchosantafe-019 innatranchosantafe-020 innatranchosantafe-021 innatranchosantafe-022 innatranchosantafe-023 innatranchosantafe-024 innatranchosantafe-025 innatranchosantafe-026 innatranchosantafe-027 innatranchosantafe-028 innatranchosantafe-029 innatranchosantafe-030 innatranchosantafe-031 innatranchosantafe-032 innatranchosantafe-033 innatranchosantafe-034 innatranchosantafe-035 innatranchosantafe-036 innatranchosantafe-037 innatranchosantafe-038 innatranchosantafe-039 innatranchosantafe-040 innatranchosantafe-041 innatranchosantafe-042 innatranchosantafe-043 innatranchosantafe-044 innatranchosantafe-045 innatranchosantafe-046 innatranchosantafe-047 innatranchosantafe-048 innatranchosantafe-049 innatranchosantafe-050 innatranchosantafe-051 innatranchosantafe-052 innatranchosantafe-053 innatranchosantafe-054 innatranchosantafe-055 innatranchosantafe-056 innatranchosantafe-057 innatranchosantafe-058 innatranchosantafe-059 innatranchosantafe-060 innatranchosantafe-061 innatranchosantafe-062 innatranchosantafe-063 innatranchosantafe-064 innatranchosantafe-065 innatranchosantafe-066 innatranchosantafe-067 innatranchosantafe-068 innatranchosantafe-069 innatranchosantafe-070 innatranchosantafe-071 innatranchosantafe-072 innatranchosantafe-073 innatranchosantafe-074 innatranchosantafe-075 innatranchosantafe-076 innatranchosantafe-077 innatranchosantafe-078 innatranchosantafe-079 innatranchosantafe-080 innatranchosantafe-081 innatranchosantafe-082 innatranchosantafe-083 innatranchosantafe-084 innatranchosantafe-085 innatranchosantafe-086 innatranchosantafe-087 innatranchosantafe-088 innatranchosantafe-089 innatranchosantafe-090 innatranchosantafe-091 innatranchosantafe-092 innatranchosantafe-093 innatranchosantafe-094 innatranchosantafe-095 innatranchosantafe-096 innatranchosantafe-097 innatranchosantafe-098 innatranchosantafe-099 innatranchosantafe-100 innatranchosantafe-101 innatranchosantafe-102 innatranchosantafe-103 innatranchosantafe-104 innatranchosantafe-105 innatranchosantafe-106 innatranchosantafe-107 innatranchosantafe-108 innatranchosantafe-109 innatranchosantafe-110 innatranchosantafe-111 innatranchosantafe-112 innatranchosantafe-113 innatranchosantafe-114 innatranchosantafe-115 innatranchosantafe-116 innatranchosantafe-117 innatranchosantafe-118 innatranchosantafe-119 innatranchosantafe-120 innatranchosantafe-121 innatranchosantafe-122

Amazing Vendors:
Venue: The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe
Coordination: Couture Events
Videography: Amari Productions
Florals: Posies Flowers
Cake: Jenny Wenny Cakes
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Music: Muzzii Events
Makeup/Hair: Luna Bella Beauty