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North Ranch County Club Wedding: Alli + Adam

We have shot 250+ weddings together and there isn’t much that makes us nervous at this point.

We have shot celebrity weddings. No big deal. We were totally calm.

We have shot the weddings of our closest friends and family members. We were cool as cucumbers.

We have shot at venues that make other photographers want to cry. We eat challenging venues for breakfast.

But, for this wedding we were as nervous as we could possibly be. This was because the bride’s father is Joe’s dentist and there is just a whole new level of pressure added when you know that the father of the bride is going to be in control of sharp tools that are in your mouth.

We are 100% kidding, of course. Alli + Adam are super sweet and Alli’s Dad is a super nice guy, so we weren’t actually any more nervous for this wedding than any other. There was no reason for us to be nervous. Alli + Adam are awesome. Their families are as nice as can be. North Ranch Country Club is great. It was pretty much the perfect recipe for a great day! :) Be sure to check out their rad wedding video by Amari Productions as well (linked at the end of the post).

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Check out there video by Amari Productions here




Vendor team:

Venue: North Ranch Country Club
Coordinator: First Comes Love Events
Videographers: Amari Productions
Florals: Greenwich Floral
Makeup: Bliss Bridal Beauty
DJ: Barry Lamster
Ceremony Musicians: Cattus Quartet
Bridal Shop: Lili Bridals
Dress Designer:  Watters Collection: WToo Style: Agatha
Cake: Pastries By Vreeke
Calligraphy and Custom Signage: Kelly Patrice
Letterpress Printing: Park Life Press
Graphic Design: Irene Wang


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