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Emily and Ronen are a freaking blast to hang out with. They’re silly, wonderfully sarcastic and really went all in for their engagement session (literally…check out the “behind the scenes” photos at the end). We loved their full commitment and cannot wait to see them again in a few months! Check out their Malibu California beach engagement session below.


californiaengagement-001 californiaengagement-002 californiaengagement-003 californiaengagement-004 californiaengagement-005 californiaengagement-006 californiaengagement-007 californiaengagement-008 californiaengagement-009 californiaengagement-010 californiaengagement-011 californiaengagement-012 californiaengagement-013 californiaengagement-014 californiaengagement-015 californiaengagement-016 californiaengagement-017 californiaengagement-018 californiaengagement-019


And a little behind the scenes shot to show their absolute commitment to awesome photos.




Happy New Year! We hope you had a great 2016 and you’re ready to kick butt in 2017 like us! We wanted to make a quick note to all you awesome 2017 brides, we only have a few more spots open for 2017 weddings and we would love to chat with you so be sure to contact us soon and lets grab some coffee!

Now..Onto this blog post! Sarah + Bryan’s Santa Ynez backyard wedding was especially hard to blog because we loved this whole day. Not only are these two funny and easy going but their style is crazy cool. We knew from their home engagement session (that included some amazing artwork, a giant map, an awesome red dining room and..CHICKENS!) that we were going to be blown away by their wedding but we truly couldn’t have pictured just how cool it was going to be. There was so much color, paper flowers, personal touches, adorable pups, horses, and so many gorgeous lights and decor items. It really was a beautiful Moroccan meets Mariachi themed backyard wedding day. Honestly we don’t know what else to say because you’re about to be blown away by colorful goodness. Check it out and be sure to check out the awesome vendors involved at the bottom of the post.


Santa Ynez Backyard Wedding Photographer santaynez-wedding-002 santaynez-wedding-003 santaynez-wedding-004 santaynez-wedding-005 santaynez-wedding-006 santaynez-wedding-007 santaynez-wedding-008 santaynez-wedding-009 santaynez-wedding-010 santaynez-wedding-011 santaynez-wedding-012 santaynez-wedding-013 santaynez-wedding-014 santaynez-wedding-015 santaynez-wedding-016 santaynez-wedding-017 santaynez-wedding-018 santaynez-wedding-019 santaynez-wedding-020 santaynez-wedding-021 santaynez-wedding-022 santaynez-wedding-023 santaynez-wedding-024 santaynez-wedding-025 santaynez-wedding-026 santaynez-wedding-027 santaynez-wedding-028 santaynez-wedding-029 santaynez-wedding-030 santaynez-wedding-031 santaynez-wedding-032 santaynez-wedding-033 santaynez-wedding-034 santaynez-wedding-035 santaynez-wedding-037 santaynez-wedding-038 santaynez-wedding-039 santaynez-wedding-040 santaynez-wedding-041 santaynez-wedding-042 santaynez-wedding-043 santaynez-wedding-044 santaynez-wedding-045 santaynez-wedding-046 santaynez-wedding-047 santaynez-wedding-048 santaynez-wedding-049 santaynez-wedding-050 santaynez-wedding-051 santaynez-wedding-052 santaynez-wedding-053 santaynez-wedding-054 santaynez-wedding-055 santaynez-wedding-056 santaynez-wedding-057 santaynez-wedding-058 santaynez-wedding-059 santaynez-wedding-060 santaynez-wedding-061 santaynez-wedding-062 santaynez-wedding-063 santaynez-wedding-064 santaynez-wedding-065 santaynez-wedding-066 santaynez-wedding-067 santaynez-wedding-068 santaynez-wedding-069 santaynez-wedding-070 santaynez-wedding-071 santaynez-wedding-072 santaynez-wedding-073 santaynez-wedding-074 santaynez-wedding-075 santaynez-wedding-076 santaynez-wedding-077 santaynez-wedding-078

Awesome Vendors:
Venue: Private Residence
Coordinator: Jill and Co. Events
Florist: A Beautiful Day Productions
Caterer: New West Catering
DJ: Edwin Ruano
Lighting: Bella Vista Lighting
Cake: Mother of the Bride
Hair/Makeup: Casey Robinson
Wedding Dress: Matthew Christopher “Emma”
Grooms attire: Casa Del Mariachi
Videographer: Doxa Weddings





  • January 31, 2017 - 12:19 am

    Paul Talbot - A beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding, Congratulations!ReplyCancel

Alright, if you have been following us for a while, then at this point you know the drill. Our couples are freaking awesome and adorable and they are totally the best. It’s true. It’s gonna keep being true. And we are going to keep talking about how awesome, adorable, and best they are.

Samantha + Ryan definitely fall in the awesome, adorable, and best kind of people category. We had a ton of fun frolicking (Yeah, we frolic a bit. That’s just how O.G.s like us roll) and laughing during their session and basically basking in the beautiful warm California light. They drove up to Malibu to meet us for their session and the beach was hoppin’. But, aside from the rando who took some photos of them looking stellar up on a rock, it was like it was just the two of them hanging out looking fly like we presume that they always do. :)

Check it out!

californiaengagement-photos-001 californiaengagement-photos-002 californiaengagement-photos-003 californiaengagement-photos-004 californiaengagement-photos-005 californiaengagement-photos-006 californiaengagement-photos-007 californiaengagement-photos-008 californiaengagement-photos-009 californiaengagement-photos-010 californiaengagement-photos-011 californiaengagement-photos-012 californiaengagement-photos-013 californiaengagement-photos-014 californiaengagement-photos-015 californiaengagement-photos-016 californiaengagement-photos-017 californiaengagement-photos-018 californiaengagement-photos-019

  • November 26, 2016 - 5:47 am

    Doug - Wow! this location looks amazing. The sunset is just gorgeous.ReplyCancel

This wedding was full of giants. Giant hearts, giant talents, giant dance offs, giant sparklers and some gorgeous giant flowers (I mean check out those bouquets?! so cool!). We have had so much fun getting to know these two very very special humans from their engagement session through their beautiful wedding day. There is absolutely no question that Mallauri + Curt were meant to find each other, fall in love, and have a perfectly fairy-tale romance and marriage. We hope you enjoy these photos from their Serendipity Gardens wedding in Oak Glen California.

serendipitygardens-001 serendipitygardens-002 serendipitygardens-003 serendipitygardens-004 serendipitygardens-005 serendipitygardens-006 serendipitygardens-007 serendipitygardens-008 serendipitygardens-009 serendipitygardens-011 serendipitygardens-013 serendipitygardens-012 serendipitygardens-014 serendipitygardens-015 serendipitygardens-016 serendipitygardens-017 serendipitygardens-018 serendipitygardens-019 serendipitygardens-020 serendipitygardens-021 serendipitygardens-022 serendipitygardens-023 serendipitygardens-024 serendipitygardens-025 serendipitygardens-026 serendipitygardens-027 serendipitygardens-028 serendipitygardens-029 serendipitygardens-030 serendipitygardens-031 serendipitygardens-032 serendipitygardens-033 serendipitygardens-034 serendipitygardens-035 serendipitygardens-036 serendipitygardens-037 serendipitygardens-038 serendipitygardens-039 serendipitygardens-040 serendipitygardens-041 serendipitygardens-042 serendipitygardens-043 serendipitygardens-044 serendipitygardens-045 serendipitygardens-046 serendipitygardens-047 serendipitygardens-048 serendipitygardens-049 serendipitygardens-050 serendipitygardens-051 serendipitygardens-052 serendipitygardens-053 serendipitygardens-054 serendipitygardens-055 serendipitygardens-056 serendipitygardens-057 serendipitygardens-058 serendipitygardens-059 serendipitygardens-060 serendipitygardens-061 serendipitygardens-062 serendipitygardens-063 serendipitygardens-064 serendipitygardens-065 serendipitygardens-066 serendipitygardens-067 serendipitygardens-068 serendipitygardens-069 serendipitygardens-070 serendipitygardens-071 serendipitygardens-072 serendipitygardens-073 serendipitygardens-074 serendipitygardens-075 serendipitygardens-076 serendipitygardens-077 serendipitygardens-078 serendipitygardens-079 serendipitygardens-080 serendipitygardens-081 serendipitygardens-082 serendipitygardens-083 serendipitygardens-084 serendipitygardens-085



  • December 15, 2016 - 11:36 am

    Corey Morgan - I think I’m obsessed with this wedding, and you captured it beautifully! Her flowers, bridesmaids dresses, and the wedding party being mixed is all so refreshing!ReplyCancel