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We always tell our couples that “we want your engagement session to reflect YOU and YOUR personalities.” Kelly + Chris absolutely nailed it in their engagement session.

To give you all some context, Kelly + Chris met in a kickboxing class. This combative beginning was mere foreshadowing for a much more deeply engrained conflict: Chris is a USC fan and Kelly is a UCLA fan. Like… they each bleed their school’s colors. For those of you who did not grow up in Southern California, let us fill you in on why this is an issue. USC and UCLA are like the bloods and the crips, oil and water, canned tuna and ice cream, Taylor Swift and healthy relationships… you get the point: USC and UCLA fans just do not mix well.

Notwithstanding this monumental divide, Kelly and Chris are an adorable couple. They brought boxing gloves and USC/UCLA shirts as an homage to the beginning of their relationship and their “house divided,” and we thought it was absolutely perfect.


MalibuEngagement001 MalibuEngagement002 MalibuEngagement003 MalibuEngagement004 MalibuEngagement005 MalibuEngagement006 MalibuEngagement007 MalibuEngagement008 MalibuEngagement009 MalibuEngagement010 MalibuEngagement011

*Don’t worry, Kelly didn’t actually hit Chris. Marianne Wilson Photography does not condone domestic violence. :)
MalibuEngagement012 MalibuEngagement013 MalibuEngagement014 MalibuEngagement015 MalibuEngagement016 MalibuEngagement017 MalibuEngagement018 MalibuEngagement019 MalibuEngagement020 MalibuEngagement021 MalibuEngagement022 MalibuEngagement023 MalibuEngagement024 MalibuEngagement025 MalibuEngagement026 MalibuEngagement027 MalibuEngagement028 MalibuEngagement029 MalibuEngagement030 MalibuEngagement031 MalibuEngagement032 MalibuEngagement033

Finally, Kelly, we love you but we just can’t end this post without saying it: FIGHT ON!!!

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    Nicole Quijada - Hello! I am doing my engagement session in Malibu and was wondering if you could share where exactly these locations are- I know it is Malibu Hills and Matador Beach, but trying to find an exact location might be tricky! Any tips? Thank you!!


Oh where, oh where do we even begin to start with Sidney and Steve’s Maravilla Gardens wedding!?

It is no secret that we love shooting at Maravilla Gardens. It is always gorgeous and they are so super organized that weddings usually go as smooth as silk. Plus, we have had the pleasure of photographing dozens of wonderful couples at Maravilla Gardens which means that we have a lot of great memories there. So, before we even knew about any of Sidney and Steve’s plans for their wedding, we were just excited that we got to go back to Maravilla Gardens! :)

Once we started shooting with Sidney and Steve, things just got better and better. We always recommend that our couples make their weddings as personalized as they can. Your wedding is a celebration of your love, so why not make it reflect you as much as possible? We were thrilled to see that Sidney and Steve’s wedding had many wonderful sentimental personal touches! Here are just a couple of our favorites:

1) They say that compromise is one of the keys to a great marriage. Sidney wanted to do a first look because she was worried that she would get a little too stressed if they didn’t see each other before hand. Steve wasn’t so sure that he wanted to do one. In the end they decided to do a first look, but Sidney had a little surprise up her sleeve. Steve didn’t know that she had a second wedding dress for their ceremony so that Steve would be surprised and would still kind of be seeing her for the first time as she walked down the aisle! That’s a pretty great compromise! :)

2) One of their favorite family traditions is to gather and wave a hanky as their loved ones depart on travels far and wide or on a new life adventure. So, they gave all of their guests vintage hankies to wave as they walked down the aisle after their ceremony! What is better; the vintage hankies were given to them by one of their family friends who had collected them while traveling throughout her 90 year life. How cool and personalized is that!?!?

Anyway, this is a photography blog so we will stop geeking-out and get to some photos! :)

Here are the photos from Sidney and Steve This is the beautiful watercolor invitation suite. These are photos of Sidney getting her makeup done. Here is a photo of Sidney opening a gift from Steve. There is also a photo of Sidney This photo shows Sidney opening her card from Steve. Here are photos of Steve This is a photo of Sidney Here is a black and white photo of Steve reading his card from Sidney. Sidney gave a special hankerchief to Steve for their wedding. Here is a photo of the groom and groomsmen This is a photo of the bridesmaids Here are photos of the bridesmaids Sidney surprised Steve by wearing two dresses on her wedding day. Here is a photo of Sidney Sidney wore a strapless sweetheart lace wedding dress for her first look and reception. Sidney Here is a photo of a bridesmaid helping Sidney button her dress. Sidney wore beautiful gold strappy heels. Sidney and Steve decided to do a special first look. The couple was very excited to see each other for the first time. This is a photo of the couple during the first look. Sidney was so happy to see Steve on their wedding day. Here is a black and white photo of Sidney and Steve during their first look. Here is a photo of the groom Sidney Here is a photo of Sidney and Steve laughing during the first look. These are individual portrait photos of the bride and groom in front of a barn. Here is a beautiful photo of the bride in front of the barn. This is a photo of Sidney Here is a photo of the groom in front of the Maravilla Gardens barn. This is a photo of the couple kissing at the barn. This is a photo of Steve and the groomsmen at Maravilla Gardens. Here are photos of the bridal party on haybails. Here is a photo of the bride and bridesmaids The bridesmaids wore bright pink dresses. Here is photo of the full wedding party in front of the green pickett fence. This is a photo of the wedding party in front of a barn. The couple gave each guest a hanky and a program. This couple did a message in the bottle guestbook. Here is a photo of the ceremony site at Maravilla Gardens. Here is a photo of the bride and her parents right before she walked down the aisle. This is a photo of Steve waiting for Sidney to walk down the aisle. Here is a photo of the bride and groom as the bride walks down the aisle. Here is a photo of Sidney and Steve Sidney and Steve held hands during the ceremony. Sidney and Steve were very happy during their ceremony. Here is a photo from the couple Here is a photo of Sidney and Steve These are photos of Sidney and Steve sharing vows. This is a photo of Sidney putting Steve Here is Sidney and Steve Sidney and Steve were very excited after their ceremony. All the guests waved their hankys as Sidney and Steve walked down the aisle. Here is a black and white photo of Sidney and Steve. Sidney changed into a beautiful sleeved dress and wore a veil for the ceremony. Here are photos of Sidney in her second dress holding her bouquet. Here is a photo of Steve on his wedding day. Here is a photo of the bride and groom kissing after their ceremony. This is a photo of the bride and groom holding each other on their wedding day. This is a photo of Sidney and Steve at Maravilla Gardens. Here are romantic photos of Sidney and Steve after their ceremony. This is a photo of Sidney and Steve The escort cards also had watercolor like the invitation suite and program. This is a photo of bride and groom ducks in the Maravilla Gardens Sidney and Steve had farmhouse tables with vineyard chairs. This is a close up photo of the centerpiece on the linen covered tables. Here is a photo of the menu and a photo of the linen table settings. The couple had a dessert bar on wine barrels. This is a photo of the cake made by the bride Here is a photo of the sweetheart table. This is a photo of all guests during the reception. The couple did a grand entrance right into the first dance. This is a photo of the back of Sidney Here are photos of Sidney and Steve This is a photo from the bride and groom Here is a black and white photo of the first dance. This is a photo of the maid of honor giving her toast. The best man also gave a toast at their wedding. During the father of the bride speech, he gave the groom a Ducks towel. Here is a photo of the bride hugging her dad. The bride and groom kissing in the fields behind Maravilla Gardens. Here is a photo of the bride and groom hugging and laughing. This is another photo of Sidney and Steve in the cabbage fields during sunset. Sidney and Steve snuck away from their reception for extra sunset photos. Here are two sweet photos of Sidney and Steve during sunset. This is a beautiful bride and groom sunset photo. maravillagardens-001 This is a photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake. Sidney and Steve broke the knife during cake cutting. Here are photos of the bride and her dad during the father daughter dance. This is a photo of the bride dancing with her dad. The groom also danced with his mom during the reception. During the reception, the groom did the worm and took a shot. A groomsmen also did a special dance move to take a drink. The bride was handed the drink during the dancing part. The guests lifted the groom on a chair. Here are photos of the bride being lifted on a chair. The bride and groom seemed nervous on the chairs. Here is a photo of the bride and groom during the reception being lifted on chairs. This is a photo of the guests dancing during the reception. Sidney and Steve also had a photo booth at their reception. Here are more photos of the guests dancing during the reception. Here is a photo of the last dance at Sidney and Steve maravillagardens-001-2 Sidney and Steve drove away in vintage car.


Rachel + Mike’s Bacara Resort wedding in Santa Barbara was pretty much jaw-dropping gorgeousness. That should go without saying since Katie Seefeldt of Wedding Kate Events was the planner/coordinator. But, if we are being totally honest, we had some concerns since usually couples book us about 10-16 months before their wedding and Rachel + Mike only booked us about 1 month before theirs. We definitely had a moment of pause where we asked ourselves “is this all going to be thrown together last minute?”

We could not have been more wrong about that concern and we feel like we should slap ourselves with comically large fish for ever having a moment of doubt!!! As it turns out, they were just busy with planning super awesomeness in every other area of their wedding and the photography was the final piece of the puzzle. Once we got to their Bacara Resort wedding it was like every time we turned around we found ourselves saying “Oh, wow! That’s awesome!” Her dresses, her shoes, his epic blue suit/tux hybrid, their florals and details… holy cow, their florals and details you guys! Erin Tenley Young Floral and Event Design absolutely knocked it out of the park! Everything had a special touch, style, and class.

We could go on for days about how beautiful this wedding was, but enough words. MOAR PHOTOS!!!

Bacara Resort wedding photographer. This is a photo of Rachel and Mike These are photos of Rachel How amazing are these shoes! Of course, we just had to do a ring shot with the gold spike shoes. Bacara Resort Santa Barbara. Rachel Rachel is putting on her beautiful jewelry. Someone in the room helped Rachel put on her shoes. Bacara Resort wedding photographer. Mike was able to hang out for a little while before he had to get ready for his big day! These are photos of Mike getting ready. This is Mike putting on his absolutely stunning custom made tux. Bacara Resort Santa Barbara. This is Mike hanging out anxiously waiting for the first time he gets to see his bride on his wedding day. It is first look time! Bacara Resort wedding photographer. First looks always make for the best photos. This is the beginning of couples Here are a couple more couples Bacara Resort Wedding Photography. Bacara Resort Santa Barbara. These are some couples Here come the detail photos! How arodable are those flower girls and the ring bearer. The best moment of every wedding is when the groom sees the bride coming down the aisle. Here are some more ceremony photos from Rachel and Mike We love it when couples hold hands during their ceremony. Bacara Resort wedding photographer. Here are some more photos from the ceremony. THe officiants were really funny at this wedding. Bacara Resort Santa Barbara. The had a confetti canon go off after their first kiss and during their processional! Bacara Resort wedding photographer. How amazing are these florals? Seriously! These centerpieces and the table settings and the tables cloth selections were amazing! These are some of the gorgeous place settings at the reception. You could barely see the head table because there were so many gorgeous flowers. Here are some more detail photos from the reception. This is Rachel and Mike shortly after their grand entrance into their reception. We love candid ring photos. The toasts were pretty fantastic at this wedding as well. Rachel and Mike are really social. It was great seeing them interact so much with their guests. This was yet another fantastic toast. Here is another funny toast! Rachel and Mike were so sweet together. Stealing kisses when they thought no one was looking. How cute is this ring bearer? Here is a photo from Rachel and Mike Even Rachel and Mike Cut that cake like a boss! More flower girls being cute as buttons.

Sometimes brides need to high five their flower girls. It is science. Rachel dancing with her flower girls. Yup, cuteness overload. Mike is strutting his stuff out on the dance floor. Rachel and Mike could cut a rug! Here are some photos of Rachel and Mike Bacara Resort wedding photographer. Bacara Resort Santa Barbara. We love taking fun and interesting ring shots. We got to do night photos at this wedding! We love it when we get to do night photos.

Vendor Credits:

Venue: Baraca Resort, Santa Barbara –

Coordination: Wedding Kate –

Florist: Erin Tenley Young Floral & Event Design –

Music: Gavin Roy Presents –

Cake: Crushcakes Santa Barbara –

Lighting: Bella Vista Designs –

Rentals: Town & Country Event Rentals –

Every once in a while, we have out of state couples contact us saying that they are getting married in California and would like to have us shoot their wedding. We always feel SUPER flattered when this happens because we feel like those couples are really going out of their way (as in, half way across the world!) to make their wedding dream happen and we are so honored when we are chosen to be a part of that.

Cherry + Raymond went a step further. They are from Hong Kong and booked us for a couples session. They didn’t get married out here, but Cherry put on two wedding dresses and they carved out a significant chunk of their time in California to have a couples session with us. You can’t help but feel a little special when someone visits from the other side of the planet and chooses to spend their time in California shooting with you. :)

SantaBarbaraEngagement001 SantaBarbaraEngagement002 SantaBarbaraEngagement003 SantaBarbaraEngagement005 SantaBarbaraEngagement006 SantaBarbaraEngagement007 SantaBarbaraEngagement008 SantaBarbaraEngagement009 SantaBarbaraEngagement010 SantaBarbaraEngagement011 SantaBarbaraEngagement012 SantaBarbaraEngagement013 SantaBarbaraEngagement014 SantaBarbaraEngagement015 SantaBarbaraEngagement016 SantaBarbaraEngagement017 SantaBarbaraEngagement018 SantaBarbaraEngagement019 SantaBarbaraEngagement020 SantaBarbaraEngagement021 SantaBarbaraEngagement022 SantaBarbaraEngagement023 SantaBarbaraEngagement024 SantaBarbaraEngagement025 SantaBarbaraEngagement026 SantaBarbaraEngagement027 SantaBarbaraEngagement028 SantaBarbaraEngagement029 SantaBarbaraEngagement030 SantaBarbaraEngagement031 SantaBarbaraEngagement032 SantaBarbaraEngagement033 SantaBarbaraEngagement034 SantaBarbaraEngagement035 SantaBarbaraEngagement036 SantaBarbaraEngagement037

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    Drew - These photos are so beautiful! The sunset pictures are unbelievable. Good work.ReplyCancel